This module helps to add catch weight quantity in Manufacturing Byproducts.


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  • Manufacturing By products with Catch Weight quantity
For getting Byproduct feature with catchweight go to Apps , install CatchWeight- Manufacturing Byproduct.
Manufacturing by product feature in CATCHW8

or enable configuration → settings → catchw8 → catch weight in manufacturing By-product.
manufacturing in catch weight erp

Ensure that Byproduct enabled in Manufacturing settings
manufacturing in catch weight erp

After successfully save settings, go to BOM (manufacturing → master data → Bill of material) while creating BOM / edit existing BOM,there is new label add Byproduct feature.
manufacturing in catch weight erp

And then save BOM. when we create a manufacturing order,
catch weight erp manufacturing feature

After manufacturing process, by product is move to stock,
catch weight erp manufacturing by product feature