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Catchweight ERP software for Euro Asia Fruit Dutch B.V

Technaureus, the certified Odoo Official Partner, recently achieved a major milestone by successfully implementing our outstanding product Catchweight ERP software for Euro Asia Fruit Dutch B.V. Euro Asia Fruit Dutch B.V. is a Vegetable wholesale market located in ABC Westland 427, Poeldijk, in the Netherlands.

This implementation has brought about significant benefits for the organization, simplifying their processes and enabling them to better serve their customers. Catchweight ERP software is a specialized software solution designed to help businesses manage complex inventory and production processes. It is particularly useful for companies dealing with variable weight products, such as cotton industry, food industry, vegetable industry, meat industry, steel industry, chemical industry, fruits industry, where accurate and efficient inventory management is critical. The implementation of Catchweight ERP software by Technaureus has allowed Euro Asia Fruit Dutch B.V to overcome a number of challenges related to managing their inventory and production processes. With the new software in place, the organization is now able to track their inventory in real-time, from the point of purchase to the point of sale. This has allowed them to make better decisions about inventory levels and to optimize their supply chain processes.

Catchweight ERP is one of the most excellent products which is a web-based ERP software actively focusing on industries that use two units of measure for their major business operations. This provides the flexibility to maintain inventory in one unit of measure and operations like sales and purchases based on another unit of measure. It is an easily usable Odoo ERP management solution for all types of business industries . All Catchweight Apps are available in the Odoo App Store at affordable prices.