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Catchweight ERP Implementation For MARKET VIANDES

Technaureus, the Odoo official partner successfully implemented our most prominent product Catchweight ERP software for MARKET VIANDES. Is a limited liability company, registered under SIREN 790048094, which has been active for 9 years. And it is located in NICE (06000), it specializes in the business sector of wholesale business (inter-company trade) of butcher's meat.Butcher's meat is the meat of animals slaughtered for food sold for that purpose by butchers,such as beef,mutton,lamb,and pork.The company MARKET VIANDES had domiciled its main establishment in NICE (head office of the company). And this establishment centralized the administration and efficacious management of the company. Our Catchweight management solution trustfully helps to manage their business even more successful because it is an outstanding software system truly apt for lots of emerging industries to enhance their business growth. The Catchweight management solution actively focuses on industries that use two units of measure for their major business operations. And it will truly be helpfull for all the emerging business industries. CatchW8 is undoubtedly compulsory for one of the most significant meat industries because it helps to streamline business processes, increase profits, and strategic decision making, reduce human work in the business process, and will enhance business development.For meat industry,multiple units of measure,lot traceability,regulatory and compliance reports,or simply real-time data for your accounting team all these will be your point of concern and our Catchweight ERP softwarewill provide you with the tools you need to manage your meat process ,efficiently ,wisely ,and profitably.

Technaureus develop standard software for our customers to manage their meat production with efficient scheduling. We are a dedicated ERP service provider with highly talented experts in setting up Catchweight management functionality to best serve your needs. As an ERP implementation partner, we are successful because all our customers are achieved success in their business. And we truly believe that our customer's success and overall satisfaction are crucial to the success of our business.