Since the Vegetable sector is one of the key drivers of economy, its importance is non-negotiable. The largest producers of the vegetable sector are " China, India, USA, Turkey " whose contribution has a major role. Agricultural industry being an important sector for every human being, having an ERP system in the vegetable industry will add an advantage for it’s smooth functioning. The CATCHW8 ERP solution which is already implemented in countries like India, USA, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Italy, China, Srilanka, Australia, Peru, UK, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, China, Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Brazil, Palestine, Netherland, Egypt, Pakisthan, South Korea,Turkey etc. etc. will be the apt solution.The CATCHW8 ERP solution with Odoo is a tailor made ERP solution to efficiently manage the business sectors not only of fruits & vegetables but also the whole agriculture sector. In the vegetable industry Catch Weight functionality is a critical requirement where finished vegetables can vary slightly in size, weight, or both. Hence the CATCHW8 implementation in the vegetable sector offers the effective utilization and complete management of the vegetables.